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Where Rural meets Modern in the Heart of Cheshire

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Rural Leisure
On this page We will highlight our leisure facilities, more detailed descriptions appear on the web pages which are accessible through the pages on the left, We hope you like what you see and will join us soon. 

Rural Swimming
Rural swimming is to be a fully accessible pool for the whole community and tourists alike, it will available to host swimming partie's as and when required but in the main will be open to the general public between 9am and 8pm each and every day,
fun sessions will be held during the school holidays offering a party atmosphere with music,lights big floats and slide's to create a fun and light heartened atmosphere where you can relax and unwind and share fun times with your peer age group or just with you family.
The pool will have fully qualified and trained life saver personnel as in all of our facilities all we ask though is that our code of conduct is adhered to for your safety as well as others.  

Rural Karting
Rural karting is for every age and creed, as long as your leg is long enough you can drive, but if we smell alcohol, no way !
You will have the option of an indoor or outdoor track, beginner or advanced, depending on the weather !
Take advantage of our specially trained and qualified personnel to improve your performance.
All that we ask is that you respect our code of practise to keep this activity safe for yourselves and those around you. 



Rural Bowling 
Rural Bowling alleys are for all the family, to relax and unwind,and also accompained with pool and snooker tables, playstations and game machines. It is the ultimate in relaxation,set in an ultra modern arena.
Once again though, we ask that the puiblic respect our code of conduct, to make their time with us comfortable and enjoyable for themselves and guests around them.
Fully trained and qualified personnel are on hand to help and advice you. Please feel free to approach them.  

Rural Lodge Cheshire UK