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Where Rural Meets Modern in the Heart of Cheshire


Welcome to our web site!

On this home page, we'll introduce our business and highlight important areas of our site. Here is an example of a style we may use.
Here at Rural Lodge, we are soon to be constructing and in the near future opening a unique business,
Based around an idea that came from being parents of 'older' children who are constantly looking for things to do and struggle to cope with going out to dine without getting 'bored'.
Most of the modern day restaurants and fun pubs offer play areas for younger children, but leave the older children with nothing.
We took this into consideration and came up with the main things teenagers look for, Internet, playstations, gameboy etc.
We then took into consideration adults and what they look to do in their leisure time and provide facilities where all of these are taken into consideration and provided.
Ten Pin Bowling, Go Karts, kids play areas, for "all ages", Internet, Playstation, and DVD, all provided, all set in a Rural location, to be used by families and also corperate business', is one of our concepts.
There will be a  unique 500 seater restaurant offering A La Carte, Table D'Hote and family menus, cafes in designated facilities, offering menus all prepared freshly upon order and using as much local produce as possible.
We will be unique in the way that during summer and nice days, a wall of glass will be lifted to make the restaurant capable of being outdoors, where barbeques will be available as a further option to diner's menus. 
Live music and theme nights will also be available, each and every week for children and adults alike.
Full banquetting suites capable of holding from 0-300 guests,are fully available. 
Our design is that of promoting the Rural area, the complex is designed on a Semi African Lodge,offering thatched verandas overlooking landscaped gardens all accessible via restaurant, banquetting suites, and leisure facilities,
We will also offer 'ye olde fashioned smokers lounge' accompained by snooker room for the gentlemen to take advantage of,
For the ladies relaxation in a coffee lounge or take a trip to the beauty salon.
Relaxation is our opporative word as each and every facility that we will offer will be accompained by Fully qualified and trained personnel.
Knowing that your children and well cared for and organised takes the stress out of your leisure time.
In the pages to come, and are still under construction, we aim to give you an insight into our facility and in the near future details of our location and grand opening will appear.
We will look forward to enertaining you as our guests.     

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Although this site is still in its infancy we hope that you will enjoy this site and become one of our guests soon.please send us your comments it helps us to improve our service to you.


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Rural Lodge Cheshire UK